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To understand where Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came from, you need to first understand what a fork is. A fork is when software splits into two, meaning the original system will continue while a new fork, a duplicate one, will be created.

The creation of BCH was the result of a fork from the original Bitcoin. All the users that had owned Bitcoin found themselves with Bitcoin Cash as well. This fork, and the fact that users held the coin from the very beginning, added value to the new coin. As I write these lines, Bitcoin Cash value is more than 300$.

Others say the newly created coin is a spinoff of Bitcoin, a clone like many other coins before.

Some exchange platforms, such as Coinbase, announced they would not support the newly created coin. The company urged users who wanted the new coin to switch to a different exchange platform.

On August 1, right before the fork, Bitcoin was trading at 2759$. By the end of the first two weeks, the value has been over 4000$. Bitcoin Cash, however, was hovering around 250$-300$ and the future is unknown and unpredictable for the new coin.

BCH might survive all this, but it is probable to drop below 100$. It’s currently trading around 200-300$, but the price inflation is due to the fact that many exchange platforms are refusing to accept deposits. And in the meanwhile, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is not functioning correctly. While Bitcoin process a new blockchain every 10 minutes, Bitcoin Cash defines with one hour creation time and up to 13 hours delay occasionally. These delays and the fact that Bitcoin exchange platforms are unwilling to support the new coin makes it harder for Bitcoin Cash holders to sell and may prevent the value from continue dropping so fast.

top cryptocurrency


Bitcoin has been trading over 16,000 USD. And it stays as the king of market capitalization. Also, it’s hard not to say the whales have been all around in the price manipulations with massive financial resources. Let us check the top cryptocurrency you need to look out for here.

Moreover, investment banks are actively working on the potential uses of blockchain tech, and are trying to build products for the Cryptocurrency trading.

Being said that, we think some other Altcoins would domineer the Cryptocurrency market alongside Bitcoin, and we list them here.

Top Cryptocurrency List


This blockchain solution is tailor-made for the Internet of things. Also, enables no fee transactions. An entirely different blockchain called Tangle (Directed Acyclic Graph) without a mining reward model.

Recently, the price of IOTA coin increased over fourfold (Over 400%). And it’s not going to stop there for sure.

Ripple (XRP)

A payment network majorly used by financial institutions for faster transactional settlement with confirmations times under five seconds.

The price used to be stable at 0.21 USD. And it had a massive growth with the trading price at 0.7 USD.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Everybody laughed at this project which is a hard fork of Bitcoin. And many thought it would become an absolute trash.

Guess What?

The BTG ranked 8th in terms of Market Capitalization. A huge success.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Born out of the debate to increase the Bitcoin blocksize, the Bitcoin cash has continuously been working to bring down the transactional costs with better blocksize limiting.

It saw a hard time as it has the same mining algorithm with Bitcoin. And out of it with a recent protocol upgrade.

Monero (XMR)

When it comes down to the privacy and anonymity, Monero smashes the deck hard. And it had always been speculated as a top 10 Cryptocurrency.

XMR is also on the upward trend alongside with Bitcoin. And it is no brainer to buy them in bulk.

Finally, Please let us know your thoughts and any other currencies you think has potential to make into this list of top cryptocurrency.

genesis-mining askdogecoin

Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013. Firstly, it was created as a platform where users can buy and sell bitcoins. As the company grew with its user base, new mining farms were built, and the company started investing more and more into developing the cryptocurrency cloud mining farms.


“The company was formed after the three founding partners realized there was a need for a legitimate cloud mining provider in an industry full of fraudulent companies.[4] From there they set out to offer cloud mining services to active users and new mainstream users. Genesis Mining launched in February of 2014.”

Over time with the adoption of new cryptocurrencies Genesis mining started offering services like dogecoin mining online, litecoin mining online, monero mining online, and many other altcoin cloud mining services.

Genesis mining is running a successful mining service that delivers great results for all the miners. while some other companies failed to create a brand, genesis mining with better mining contracts than other companies.

since I have seen some allegations against genesis mining, I decided to open an account myself and started mining with their dogecoin cloud mining service, I paid with dogecoin for the service, and they kept delivering their payments to me on time. For me, it was the best cloud mining experience from all other companies.

“We had quite a few users who have paid significantly too little. We then decided to let all orders go through. This was why there were some delays. ” – Marco Streng

dogecoin cloud mining

Exchange Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, started working in 2013 and it is located in the United States.
The Eobot is a real-time exchange like binance or bitfinex, but they also operate a cryptocurrency cloud mining services like Dash Cloud mining, Golem cloud Mining, Dogecoin cloud mining, and many others. Since is also an exchange you can easily withdraw your coins in any preferable cryptocurrency and also it adds to the trustworthy of their services.

Crptocurrency Cloud Mining made easy

Not only that eobot is very easy to setup and start mining one of many coins, it also has a free faucet, true it is not like a free dogecoin cloud mining, but it is as close as it gets.

Supporting Countless Coins

They are now supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, Cardano, CureCoin, NEM, Monero, Zcash, Factom, Bytecoin, STEEM, Lisk, EOS, USD, Gridcoin, and Ethereum Classic and many more to come.

Free Trial Crytocurrency cloud mining

True enough that it does not hold a free trial for the miner, but if you signup to the faucet, and collect payments for a few days, you would be able to start mining with only 10$ a month!

Why choose Eobot?

Over 2022619 users and growing everyday!

mining rig rentals

Mining Rig Rentals service was built in a different way than most mining companies, it was built by the community, and for the community of miners. Mining Rig Rentals operate since early 2014 and allow users to use cloud services like: Dogecoin Cloud Mining, dash cloud mining, Peercoin cloud mining, and many others.

The owners describe themselves as “the eHarmony of the mining community”. The company is listed their address as New York City on their Twitter page. However aside from this, there is no other information about who’s behind the company.

While they operate with some secrecy, Mining Rig Rentals has been up and running for over 4 years now, which gives them some credibility in this competitive cloud mining business.

It also has gained some followers for allowing mining on cryptocoins that are less mainstream, the Dogecoin Cloud mining service is not provided by most common cloud mining services.